Recommended Graphic Designer in Somerset

“I have worked with many graphic designers over the years on new and existing business ventures. I have to say I am impressed with Lewis!  He listened to what I wanted, took on board my initial thoughts but vastly improved the end result with his creative input and professionalism. I now have an impressive new letterhead and business card which really stand out from the crowd and a suite of printed literature for a marketing campaign which is imaginative and will capture the attention of potential clients. Lewis was professional and responsive throughout and delivered his commitments on time.  He is very reasonable with his pricing and I will certainly be using him again. I am very happy to recommend Lewis and his work.”

Philip Perry, Business Coach

“I engaged Lewis to design a corporate logo and branding for my new recruitment business. He showed a great deal of professionalism, creativity and intuitiveness from the outset, and worked closely with me to develop my initial ideas into the finished concept within a tight timescale. I was particularly impressed with his attention to detail, and felt he showed a genuine passion and interest in bringing the project to life. I would certainly recommend Lewis’ work, and look forward to engaging him again for further projects as my business grows.”

Nasim Shakoori, Director, Bond Resources

“Whenever I need something designed, which is often, Lewis is always there to do it, to a high standard and in a timely manner. Right from the beginning, when i first started employing Lewis four years ago, his work was good, and his logo for my Lion  Heart Herbs company still takes pride of place. However, over the years his work has reached a level that I would call outstanding. I’m aware that these days it’s easy to get designs done dirt cheap oversees, but, as far as I’m concerned, you get what you pay for, and skimping on design work is truly a fools economy. Having said that, Lewis’ rates are very reasonable, and well below what many pretentious and slow moving designers charge. I recommend Lewis highly.”

Elwin Robinson, Author and Owner of Lion Heart Herbs

“Having started my media business just over a year ago, I felt the whole image needed revamping, including new logos and designs that represented our core values and vision. In my search for a designer who truly understood my business and knew how to translate my vision into colours and graphics, there was nobody better than Lewis Wallis.

Lewis is a professional graphic designer and creative who asked the right questions to turn my passion into the most exquisite design and colours. Furthermore, he did it far quicker than I have ever experienced before and offered immense value for money. Now, all my customers are raving about my website and design. Thank you for providing such brilliance to my business, Lewis. To your success!”

Harun Rabbani, Creator of UnTangled FM and UnTangled Television

“Thank you for all the work you put into building my website. The site is clear and easy to use and the design is just what I had hoped for. Your patience and willingness to change or try things until I was happy made it a pleasure to work with you and the instructions you have given me for updating the site could not have been clearer. I wish you the very best in your work as a graphic designer.

Miriam Day, Author

“Lewis Wallis is a delight to work with and has always provided me with an exceptional graphic design service. He works with professionalism, creativity and integrity which is why I will go back to him again and again.”

Ben Nash, Health Coach