About Lewis Wallis, Graphic Design in Wells

Design background and education

In 2003 I attended the BTEC Foundation course at the Kent Institute of Art and Design. The course allowed me to delve in and out of every discipline of art and design before choosing and focusing on my chosen field, graphic design. After leaving KIAD with a distinction I began my degree on the highly sought after graphic design course at the University of Brighton. There I gained a wealth of knowledge about typography, composition and visual balance. It was not long until I found my simplistic and minimalistic style that would become so apparent in much of my future work.

Work and graphic design experience

Since graduating from the University of Brighton in 2007 I have been working as a freelance graphic designer. I have worked predominantly from home for my own clients but have also worked in a number of studios in and around London and Brighton on a freelance basis. I have provided high quality graphic design for many different businesses from small start ups to a number of well known companies including airlines and high street chains. I have worked closely with a number of my personal clients year on year and have watched them grow from their initial stages to flourishing profitable businesses. I also offer lessons in Adobe software and have assisted a number of people including professional illustrators on how to use programs such as photoshop, illustrator and in-design.

My approach to graphic design

Before beginning a project with a client, it is crucial that certain questions are first asked in order to fully identify the key needs and requirements and for the optimal course of action to be set in motion. I believe that the majority of problems can be solved with simple solutions and believe that simplicity is key for effective visual communication.

Where am I now?

I now live just outside of the city of Wells with my wife and baby. Working from my home studio, I continue to work closely with my old clients in Brighton and Hove as well as new clients in Somerset and beyond. If you would like to visit me or meet locally to discuss your graphic design needs, please contact me on 07981 539 058 or send me an email at lewis@the-graphic-designer.co.uk