Competition entry for the AA

Category : Design competition entries April 25, 2013

I was just browsing my hard drive and thought I would share this. It was a competition entry that I did several years ago for the AA. The brief was to simply create a fresh and exciting marketing campaign. I kept the design very simple with simplistic vector illustrations made up of straight lines. The colour palette was literally just the AA colours, black and yellow. The idea behind the posters was to create fun and exciting ways in which the customer’s car had been taken off the road. A normal break down is very boring so I thought ‘what if it was something highly exciting instead’. The AA mechanic can play the hero and come to the driver’s rescue in an almost fairy tale unfolding of events. The copy was short and sweet and I wanted it to incorporate a bit of word play. I never got around to submitting it in the end which is a shame, but here it is now.

AA design competition to design a new marketing campaign
In this design the car has been taken off the road by a dragon and the knight like hero (the AA mechanic) is getting to the heart of the problem by literally stabbing his sword into the dragon’s heart. Nice.
Graphic design competition for the AA
The other design is not as strong which is why I probably didn’t submit the entry. This time it’s a haunted tree that’s taken the car off the road and the AA mechanic is chopping the tree down with an axe (as they do). The word play in this one isn’t so apparent, the root of the problem, trees have roots. Get it.